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Kody Brown shared his interest in politics on Sister Wives. Kody’s tweeted more about gun safety after the tragic shootout on the Rust film set.

Kody Brown has not been silent about his political views on Twitter, and recently the Sister Wives star shared his thoughts on gun safety. Aside from being a strong advocate for the legalization of polygamy, Kody is also a strong supporter of gun laws and frequently shares his thoughts on the controversial weapon. From Kody’s tweets to the Alec Baldwin tragedy that sparked a conversation about gun control, here’s all about the Sister Wives the star’s beliefs in gun safety.

Kody has an interesting history with politics as he has used his reality TV platform to promote his constitutional ideology. Kody has shown just how concerned he is with the law when he tries to get the Supreme Court to hear his polygamous discrimination case. Although the case was dismissed in 2016, Kody continued to voice his political opinion on and outside of Sister Wives. In Season 13, Kody announced that he was planning to run for office in Utah, but his bureaucratic ambitions came to nothing. Although he never held a government post, Kody continued to share his political beliefs on Twitter. Notably, Kody devotes a generous portion of his social media space to advocating for gun rights.

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Kody started sharing more gun safety tweets following the devastating events that happened on the set of Alec Baldwin’s film, Rust. The movie star was at the center of a calamity after firing a gun the team believed to be empty during a rehearsal. Unfortunately, the gun was loaded and it fatally struck cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza. In a video obtained by TMZ, Alec explained, “We were a very, very well oiled crew … and then this horrible event happened.” Alec, known for opposing gun rights activists and the NRA, responded that he wanted to see fewer guns on film sets. Alec shared, “An ongoing effort to limit the use of firearms on film sets is something that interests me enormously.” The conversation Alec started about limiting gun rights likely served as the impetus for Kody’s recent activity on Twitter.

Kody Brown in Sister Wives

Although the catastrophic events that took place on Rust together created a new conversation about gun rights, Kody’s tough stance on gun handling didn’t sway. Kody’s recent retweet from Libertarian Spike cohen‘S account listed some rules for the safe use of firearms, including “Treat every weapon as if it were always loaded” and, “Never point a gun at anything you don’t want to destroy.” The tweet ended with Spike claiming that people who can’t follow these rules should “Stay away from the guns.” By retweeting this, Kody confirmed that he did not blame guns or gun rights activists, but the mishandling of the lethal weapon by others. End of September, Kody tweeted that he would be “instant friends” with a hypothetical neighbor if they had more than 40 guns. Kody’s ongoing gun rights tweets are on the polygamist mark, but are also likely motivated by Alec’s anti-gun claims.

Kody’s Twitter activity might frustrate fans who disagree with his policies, but the reality TV star can’t be said to be consistent. To respond to the Rust Tragedy to assert that if one follows several rules, no innocent will be harmed, Kody remains a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Hopefully Kody’s tweets will soon start to focus on Sister Wives in the run-up to the highly anticipated Season 3.

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