Want sensible new gun safety? Vote in Pa New Legislators.

Every week, I spend a few days with two great-granddaughters. One of them is a 4-year-old child who gets hours out of kindergarten before both her parents stop working. The other has a mother who starts work several hours before her father leaves work. Our little village has a master calendar to share the joy of taking care of them.

Their laughter gives me the strength to chase them through the house. Their dance gives me such joy that listening to the “alphabet song” 20 times in a row becomes bearable. The world of ever-increasing violence gives me such concern for their future.

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So many of us great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, teachers, neighbors and other caring members of our communities wonder why we can’t come together to stop the gun violence that threatens our most innocent. The Sandy Hook massacre of 20 elementary school students dates back 10 years. Today, the killing of children continues in our communities. But instead of all who value the sanctity of life coming together to find common ground, many are still being manipulated by politicians.

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I still hear “Democrats want to take your guns away” – one of the dumbest conspiracy theories I’ve heard. I know many, many Democrats who own guns. They hunt. They shoot targets and clay pigeons, and they keep them in their homes and cars for protection. We allow politicians to walk away from difficult discussions and negotiations with the words “I believe in the Second Amendment”. Well, I don’t know anyone either.

But why would we let our politicians hide behind these words when it comes to the lives of our children? As gun violence becomes more prolific and more people are injured and killed for small grievances, our law enforcement, along with responsible political leaders, are trying to find common ground to reduce the tragedies. After all, people today can buy firearms online in parts and assembled at home. These don’t have a serial number and are just the right kind of guns for criminals.

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Today, smart guns can be produced with security that uses the owner’s fingerprints to unlock, thus preventing an accident with children at home or preventing someone from using the gun after it has been stolen from a house or car. According to the Pew Research Center, about 52% of adults in the United States say gun laws should be stricter.

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So now let me tell you what our state legislators are doing. The Pennsylvania General Assembly has 203 members. Seventy-nine of them, all Republicans, sponsored HB 979. This law, if passed, would allow citizens and organizations such as the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers to sue our local governments for enacting restrictions on owning firearms they don’t. don’t like.

Some scenarios of this might be a person walking into a store with an assault rifle over their shoulder. This could alarm customers leaving the store, thereby injuring the store, but the owner of the gun feels he has the right to carry in a store, so nothing can be done to stop him. Another would be a playground, like Liberty Park during the 8 Grands Mardis, for example. You get the picture. HB 979 passed the House on June 8, 2021, by a vote of 124 to 79. And yes, some Democrats, including two from Erie County, voted for this bill. It was an irresponsible equal opportunity bill. Then he went to the Pennsylvania Senate which has 50 members. He was there on January 25. And yes, the two senators who represent Erie County both voted yes.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many calls we make, letters we write, or emails we send. The only thing those who really appreciate life can do is to reject these legislators. Not only will this send our message, but it will be a stronger message to others who voted against HB 979 that we appreciate their service to our precious children.

Ultimately, Governor Wolf vetoed this bill. That’s why Republicans are trying to pass more than 70 constitutional amendments to end such situations around a governor’s veto.

Want to stop this? Vote.

Cindy Purvis is the founder of 203 PAC, a political action committee focused on electing responsible leaders to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Learn more about 203pac.com.

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