UW Health gives deer hunters tips on gun safety

MADISON, Wisconsin – With the armed deer hunting season opening on Saturday, UW Health is giving hunters tips on gun safety.

“We always want to take precautions when it comes to COVID-19,” Dr. Jeff Pothof said in a statement Monday, “and make sure we are aware of the safety of tree stands, the safety of guns to fire and our physical condition “.

Dr Pothof recommended getting vaccinated before going to the deer camp and staying home if you feel sick.

Those who are not vaccinated should wear a mask indoors and avoid being near others.

Dr Pothof also recommended that groups sharing a hunting lodge limit the number of people in the group to 10 or less.

Hunters also need to be mindful of their tree stands and make sure they are structurally sound. Always wear a safety harness when stepping onto the rack.

UW Health also encouraged hunters to remember gun safety rules.

Identify your target and what is behind it, and never shoot on a move in brush, over the crest of a hill, or towards buildings.

Always make sure there are no chambered cartridges when getting up or down from your shaft support.

Dr Pothof also urged hunters to consider their physical condition. According to UW Health, hunters have heart attacks every year due to overwork.

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