Sinden is bringing Light Gun games back to modern TVs


Sinden Technology seeks to bring small arms games to the 21st century with new technology.


Do you fondly think of games like Duck Hunt, Lethal Enforcers, House of the Dead, Virtua Cop, and other small arms games for classic systems? Unfortunately, while there are many ways to go back and play retro games on devices like a Raspberry Pi, there is no way to go back and play small arms games. on modern televisions because they require tube televisions to function.

However, Sinden Technology is looking to bring small arms games to the 21st century with new technology that promises to make games work on modern screens. Not only does this make retro games work, it even promises to add new technology that will make the experience even better than it was back then.

Sinden’s gun

Currently, the people of Sinden have a working prototype for his light pistol, which means that supporters of the Kickstarter will actually be able to get their hands on one pretty soon and start playing games.

However, according to the creator, the actual light gun is “the first part of a larger, ambitious project to restore the Lightgun genre by removing technological blockers.” This is not only new hardware, but also brand new technology.

The gun promises to interact directly with the TV without any additional hardware (like the Wii, which requires a sensor bar). It promises to stay precise even as you move around the room thanks to a new form of tracking.

The prototype is 3D printed and includes a high-speed camera, processor, USB interface, trigger, four assignable action buttons and a pump action reload function. The final design will have four additional assignable buttons, bringing the total to eight.

Right now there are drivers for Windows and Linux (which include the Raspberry Pi for all Retro Pi users). The creator is working on other operating systems, but time will tell if these will materialize.

For now, the device will be used to play retro light gun games, but the creator says his “long term goal is to bring the Lightgun back to the masses and create whole new Lightgun games.”

Price and availability of Sinden small arms

Right now, supporters of the project can get a lightweight pistol for around $ 103 (£ 80). If you want to get one with the extra recoil feature, the price is around $ 168 (£ 130). The creator plans to ship the light pistols in October 2019.

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