Savannah mayor renews calls for gun policy changes

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Mayor Van Johnson is calling for gun policy, saying more than 180 mayors across the country are working against a partisan “impasse” in the nation’s capital.

During a press briefing on Wednesday, Johnson explained how mayors from across the United States have gathered in Washington DC to discuss policy and offer support for gun legislation they say “which makes sense”.

“When we talk about schools, when we talk about churches, when we talk about medical officers, when we talk about courtrooms; places that were once considered safe: the thing is, we know these places are being victimized across the country,” Johnson said.

According to the CDC, 110 Americans are killed every day by firearms in the United States

“Mayors across the country are again calling on Congress to act quickly and decisively by requiring universal background checks, holding accountable arms dealers who knowingly sell to straw buyers, banning the manufacturing , the sale and possession of all 3D printed ghost guns, and providing local government and law enforcement officials with access to ATF gun tracing data,” Johnson said.

He also added his support for policies that would raise the legal age to buy a gun to 21 and others that would implement red flag laws to prevent people with mental illness from buying guns. fire arms.

“Right now about 21% of our officers are down, in terms of vacancies and we’re in a talent war not just with other cities in the region, but with cities across the country,” Johnson explained. wishing for a shortage of law enforcement personnel affecting cities in the United States. said some were crippled because they didn’t have enough officers to tackle violent crime.

Johnson said they plan to fill officer vacancies in Savannah with people who will connect with the community — adding their plans to create a Citizens’ Watch Committee to engage neighbors in finding solutions.

“We want to make better use of data to make sure the city is transparent. We are not going to hide. We’re not going to run away from our problems, and we want to make sure the data is reliable, that it’s tangible, and that people can see it in context,” Johnson added.

Savannah leaders are working to keep young people engaged this summer with free programs focused on education and entrepreneurial development. The mayor said he hoped it would help them stay out of trouble.

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