Researchers suggest policy limitations on guns under certain conditions may be effective

Experts from Johns Hopkins University have suggested that laws that impose restrictions or limitations on access to firearms under certain conditions can be effective.

“Laws that temporarily bar those convicted of violent crimes or those subject to domestic violence restraining orders [from purchasing or possessing firearms]we found, reduce homicides,” according to a gun policy researcher.

The report showed that laws requiring identity verification to obtain a law enforcement license to purchase a firearm are supported by more than two-thirds of Americans.

Laws prohibiting gun ownership as part of a temporary domestic violence restraining order are supported by most Americans, including 80% of Republicans.

Laws prohibiting the purchase of handguns by people under 21 are supported by most Americans, according to the report.

“Despite this consistent support for certain gun control measures, the challenge has always been to translate this support into legislation by policymakers,” the report’s authors explained in a press release.

“The narrative in our country is that there’s a big divide between gun owners or political parties on solutions to gun violence, and that’s why there’s nothing we can do about it.”

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