Poll: Support the police? Support gun safety laws


In our area, there are many signs saying “We support our police”. Many of these households also feel that gun laws violate their rights. At the same time, we have the Republican Public Order Party opposing gun safety laws.

It is difficult to understand these contradictory positions. How can you support the police and be the party of public order and not support actions that will help the police? Law enforcement officials support strengthening of our gun laws, according to the article “Police unable to slow rollback of gun law” (10 Aug). Police are on the front lines of gun violence. There is a link between the increase in the number of firearms and the increase in the number of police shootings. So how can you support the police and not support gun safety measures? How to be the party of public order and not want to reduce armed violence?

The January 6 uprising used poles with “We support our police” flags to violently attack the police. “We support our police” has become a slogan that everyone supports. That’s the point of good propaganda. Say something that no one can be against because no one knows what it means. If you support the police, you also support their goal of increasing gun safety measures.

Sandy Kremer, Youngwood

If an audit needs to be done, do it correctly

Regarding David Cassidy’s letter “No one has privacy anymore” about an audit of the presidential election results in Pennsylvania: What is the definition of “enough Americans”? Is it the majority of the population? A majority of registered voters? A majority of those who actually vote? Or a majority of voters whose candidate lost the election? And who should carry out the audit, the State or a neutral party?

I think another audit in Pennsylvania is redundant in time and expense. However, if the legislature chooses to conduct another audit, I would expect it to be conducted in a truly impartial and professional manner by a truly neutral organization. Conducting an “Arizona-style” audit, where the company hired had no experience in conducting an election audit and where the CEO is a significant contributor to a political party, would only serve a partisan agenda and not constitute not an accurate assessment of the voting process and election results.

David E. Prévost, Springdale

OK to fly the flag upside down – we’re in distress

I take exception to Bill Marx’s letter “Flying the flag upside down is disrespectful”. Flapping the flag upside down means that a person is in extreme danger, with threats to their life, limbs or property.

There’s no way it’s disrespectful. It shows that our government has now taken so much freedom and made us get vaccines to keep our jobs and is trying to leave $ 3 trillion in debt for our grandchildren.

I spent two years in Vietnam. I know what it’s like to fight. I know what it’s like to fight for this country, and I would do it again when I was 70.

Marx is quite simply wrong.

Robert Serena, Vandergrift

The 5 stages of liberalism

How kind of Kristin A. Shrump-Bugay (“The 7 Stages of Covid”) to “educate” us on “the plague”.

Because I believe his letter was filled with half-truths and insults, as Liberal letters usually are, I proudly present the Five Stages of Liberalism:

1. Arrogantly announce that you are educating someone because we all know how educated they are. How? ‘Or’ What? Because they announce it to the world, ad nauseum.

2. Follow up using opinion pieces and / or social media to put us down. Why? Because they know that saying such nonsense in person would have consequences.

3. Then place the microphone. Why? Because they are always right.

4. When presented with real facts that are different from theirs, be dismissive, arrogant and insulting. Why? Because science is established gender is not and we are all racist and dumb.

5. Yell, shout, and have temper tantrums. Why? Because they always have to be right and be better than the people across the aisle.

Sorry to tell you, but science is never settled.

After getting covid, I asked the doctors about the masks and the vaccine. Nine doctors gave answers ranging from no to absolutely no, including three at Johns Hopkins. Liberals call them charlatans. Why? Because they always have to be right.

Perhaps there will one day be a vaccine against liberalism. Why? Because that’s the only way for them to realize that their IQ isn’t as big as their ego.

Don Grasser, Sykesville

The writer is formerly from Johnstown.

Raising social security is not enough

The increase in social security is reduced by a fraction. Saw what I heard and read. While the increase must be the largest in years, it has not kept pace with inflation for years.

When I heard about the increase, I thought about the minimum wage and what a debacle it is. The minimum wage has been $ 7.25 for years as the cost of goods continues to rise. Add up the number of minimum wage earners and those on social security, and the total population seeking help exceeds 70 million. In addition, those who live only on social security without saving are in the order of 40 million.

So where does that leave the rest of the people who could afford the comfort without going into more debt?

Ron Kasper, Whitehall

Misinformation about Covid is dangerous

George Silowash (“I don’t trust this covid vaccine”) begins his letter by saying “I consider” the covid vaccines to be experimental. Can I start mine by saying “I consider” his rhetoric to be dangerous and irresponsible? Where is the MD after his name?

We are in a global emergency. Real experts say the only way out is for everyone to be vaccinated. More than 700,000 Americans have died of covid; none died from the vaccine.

What is Silowash thinking? He says “Follow the science, do the research”. What research has he done and what science is he following? Where does he get his disinformation from? Fox News? Even they demand that all their employees be vaccinated.

He says the vaccine is too new. It was President Trump who ordered the “warp speed”. But in reality, the NIH had been investigating coronavirus vaccines for years before the pandemic began. When the genetic code for SARS-CoV-2 was released, it only took a few months to modify the experimental vaccine for the new virus. The success of all three phases of clinical trials has transformed the experimental vaccine into a vaccine that can be safely administered to billions of people.

Silowash says the death rate for covid is 0.05%. This is completely wrong. 2.1%. Search it on Google.

As for those who think the mask and vaccine mandates take away their freedoms, when have we ever had the freedom to deliberately endanger the lives of others?

Who do people think they are to insist they know more than the experts? Please, Georges. Do the research. Follow the science.

Al Durig, Salem

Destruction of our country, step by step

I am amazed at how few people realize or will admit what the elected Democrats are doing to our once great country. They sing with one voice against voter identification, want states and sanctuary cities to protect illegal immigrant criminals from deportation while funding police, support amnesty for dreamers and illegals leading to the citizenship, opposed building a border wall and now have a southern border which I believe is wide open, with Democrats falsely claiming it is closed. New York City and Los Angeles are preparing to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections, which is already happening in San Francisco, Chicago and the jurisdictions of Maryland.

Senator Bob Casey, Representative Conor Lamb, Governor Tom Wolf, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, Attorney General Josh Shapiro and many other Democrats are complicit in supporting this progressive destruction of our country. And if the drug floods across our southern border don’t trap and kill our children, Fetterman is working hard to legalize recreational marijuana and for the early release of jailed drug traffickers.

The politicians named above but for Wolf will seek higher positions or be re-elected and will have to be defeated in 2022 or 2024. Until then, we must hold the line and save what is left of our country by electing Republicans in November to four the positions of state judge, county offices and local elections. It is time to work together to stop and reverse this destruction.

Larry Schultz, Murrysville

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