Montana University System Hears Public On Proposed Campus Gun Policy | Local News


Commentators ranged from faculty and campus staff in the Montana university system to students, parents and community members who were all identified as potentially affected by the draft policy. Each was given 90 seconds to speak on the matter.

HB 102 allows students at Montana college campuses who meet safety certification to carry concealed firearms without a license by removing the Board of Regents’ ability to enforce restrictions for carried firearms on campus.

The law went into effect immediately statewide when Gianforte signed it, but the bill goes into effect June 1 for college campuses.

Students like Lindy Kolb, who works in residency at Montana State University, said she was opposed to the implementation of the draft policy because she found herself in a number of situations where she felt intimidated or threatened by residents and explained how her residents legally possessing a firearm could affect her.

“Guns are tools, but so are hot plates, and we don’t allow these in residences for safety reasons,” Kolb said.

Among those who spoke in favor of the draft policy, some cited an individual’s rights to the Second Amendment, while others argued that it would not prevent criminals from continuing to bring guns. in areas where they are not allowed.

“It won’t stop the criminal, it won’t stop the active shooter.” So you will always have to ask yourself if anyone has a gun under their robe, and like a previous comment on hotplates being a tool but not allowed in residences, well, hotplates are not a right. constitutional, ”said David. Weide, a retired MSU employee and Air Force lieutenant colonel. “The right to own and bear arms is a fundamental constitutional right. It is the one that I have found and defended. I had friends who lost their lives fighting for it.

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