Matthew McConaughey discusses gun policy with members of Congress

This story is part of a series of KXAN reports titled “Stop Mass Shootings,” providing context and exploring solutions around gun violence in the aftermath of the fatal Uvalde school shooting. We want our reports to be a resource for Texans, as well as lawmakers who meet a month after the events in Uvalde to discuss how the state should move forward. Discover all the “Stop Mass Shootings” stories by clicking here.

AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Actor Matthew McConaughey is touring Washington DC to talk gun legislation with lawmakers.

The Uvalde native and Austin resident took to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to lobby lawmakers on gun measures in the wake of Robb Elementary School killing 19 children in his hometown .

McConaughey also met with President Joe Biden on Tuesday and gave an impassioned speech from the White House press room podium, sharing the stories of the many Uvalde families he met.

“We start by making the right choices on the problem that concerns us today. We start by making laws that save innocent lives and don’t infringe on our Second Amendment rights,” he said.

He listed the following solutions he wants lawmakers, including the president, to consider:

  • Investing in Mental Health Care
  • Make schools safer
  • Restricting Sensational Media Coverage of Mass Shootings
  • Restoring family and American values
  • Background check
  • Raising the age to buy a rifle at 21
  • Implementation of a waiting period
  • Pass “red flag” laws and consequences for those who abuse them

Sources tell NBC News McConaughey dined Monday with a bipartisan group of House and Senate lawmakers to discuss gun violence prevention efforts. Attendees included Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine).

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois., tweeted photos of the meeting. The Majority Whipe also wrote “we, like so many others, agree that gun safety reform is needed – I will continue to work to make this happen”.

He was also spotted with Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley according to Grassley’s Twitter page.

McConaughey also wrote an op-ed Monday in the Austin American-Statesman calling for responsible gun ownership.

“I believe responsible, law-abiding Americans have the Second Amendment right, enshrined in our founders, to bear arms,” ​​he wrote. “I also believe we have a cultural obligation to take action to slow the senseless killing of our children.”

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