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Engage experts on gun policy

I commend President Biden and Congress for wanting to act on gun laws. Biden’s common sense will prevail.

However, I ask one thing: whatever task forces are formed to create or change gun laws, they must include firearms experts and law enforcement. I don’t want my constitutional right taken away from me by any group, bipartisan or otherwise, that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

I bet many members of Congress have never even held a gun, let alone owned one. Many live in gated communities and/or have their own private armed security. (Think: Cori Bush, D-Missouri, who despite calls to defund the police, said, “I’m going to make sure I have security because I know I’ve had attempts to assassination, and I have too much work to do…”)

And, unlike me, I bet they’ve never looked down the barrel of one in a threatening civilian situation. In September 1980, a gun pointed at me. My brief experience working with the small arms department at the Rock Island Arsenal wasn’t much help as I didn’t own a gun that could come out of its holster and shoot the bad guy all only. (Remember, people don’t kill, guns kill.)

People also read…

Plus, it’s odd that many of those who wanted to cut defunding the police two years ago now want tougher gun laws.

Either way, I’m confident that Biden and Congress will do something to improve gun laws. If they don’t, their replacements will.

Dissatisfied with the maintenance of the cemetery

If you are unhappy with the maintenance of the lawn at Holy Family Cemetery located on Waverly Road in Davenport, please call 563-322-4438 and ask to speak to someone who is on the Board of Directors of the Holy Family cemetery, which is responsible for this cemetery.

Since it was contracted many years ago to a ‘landscape and maintenance’ company in Bettendorf, the upkeep has been significantly less than acceptable. If you visited the cemetery on Memorial Day, you found the grass 7 inches high and lots of long dead grass around the headstones. As bad as it sounds, if you had visited the cemetery a week before, you would have found that the flat headstones could not be seen at all and the headstones were covered with 50-75% tall grass.

For years people have been bringing their own mowers/edgers and doing their own maintenance in order to give past relatives and friends the respect they deserve.

Why is this contract continually renewed when this company has obviously been doing a despicable job for years? I suggest going back to internal employees who were doing this maintenance before outsourcing. The Council must step up and do their job, and we must remind them that all people must be afforded dignity and respect in death at all times and not just a half-hearted attempt on vacation.

Vote Johnson

As a union member and Rock Island County taxpayer, I am thrilled to vote for Gregg Johnson as Illinois State Representative for the 72nd District. I have known Gregg for over 20 years. During this time, I have seen him defend so many people in our community. I have seen him work tirelessly to help elect pro-worker candidates. He helped lead canvassing efforts in Moline last year that transformed the entire city council. Last year, when Rock Island faced privatization of its water system, he went door to door telling residents how harmful it would be. He stood with AFSCME members at Rock Island City Council meetings when the issue was discussed and was there to make public statements about the harm it would do to our community. We can always count on him to do what is best for all of us. Please join me in voting for Gregg Johnson.

It starts with the parents

Reading and imagining the turmoil and turmoil of students in Bettendorf schools brings me back to my teaching experiences. Forty beautiful years of teaching that I have enjoyed. What makes teaching a positive life is the parents! Parents are the first educators. They are honored to be their children’s first teacher. When teachers (administrators, principals, school boards and teacher assistants) have the cooperation of parents, then discipline is positive. Students of all ages realize that if they have problems at school, they will be in double trouble at home with their parents.

Stop blaming good behavior primarily on administrators, principals, and teachers. Parents, take note and be your children’s valued first educators, which means school behavior in all its forms, inside and outside of school.

Vote Frank

It’s time for Iowa to throw Senator Grassley in the trash. He turned his back on our state decades ago, and Iowans and the rest of the nation are now suffering from his inaction, soft-headedness and short-sightedness.

Iowa has a majority of unregistered/independent voters. We need someone who connects and resonates with a broad coalition of voters if we have any chance of reaching a new senator. We need someone with clear experience, fresh insight and deep substance to save this sinking ship. Admiral Michael Franken checks every box while dominating the other primary candidates. His understanding of the issues is beyond impressive and I urge you all to meet him in person. He will return to Davenport at an event starting at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 5 at the River Center, two days before Election Day. I’ve invited friends to attend past Franken events who were determined to vote for other candidates and they, too, came away feeling like he’s the only one who can truly pull Chuck off. Franken just raised twice as much money as Grassley and beats the other primary candidates who take the corporate PAC money. The excitement is palpable. He meets voters where they are and listens to their concerns. He doesn’t just talk, he walks the walk. This is not a vanity project or another “title” – Franken has a servant’s heart and can make Iowans proud once again. Vote Franken on June 7.

Vote Hubbard

The Illinois Republican establishment is made up of country club RINOs who are bent on running dumb lawyers whose views are often liberal. Many of these candidates are conceited and insincere and they simply don’t connect with working class voters, true conservatives or the minority community. The establishment can’t stand Illinois supporting grassroots conservative candidates like Peggy Hubbard who will represent the people of Illinois. Peggy enjoys broad support among voters from all walks of life. Peggy Hubbard is the only true conservative who can and, God willing, will beat Tami Duckworth! Peggy is honest, understanding, brave, bold, and an action-oriented Republican dynamo; Peggy supports the America First Agenda, life, liberty, the rule of law and economic opportunity for all. The sum of Peggy’s experience in the navy, police, and government combined with her passion for serving the people of Illinois makes Peggy the most viable candidate for United States Senate. Peggy is a strong and decisive leader who will bring us together and help restore a bright future for America and Illinois.

Vote Pug

Senator Grassley’s slogan is: “The senator we need is the senator we have.” We the people know that our country is going in the wrong direction, and the truth is this: the senator we have is the senator who brought us here.

Chuck Grassley voted with Biden’s agenda 54% of the time and received an F grade from the conservative review. He voted for a massive $1.5 trillion spending bill at a time when gas, groceries and health care have skyrocketed. He has vowed not to repeal ObamaCare, even though the cost of health insurance has now doubled for working Americans. He bowed to Democrat priorities and voted for a huge government spending bill that excluded crucial needs like border funding. It’s time to elect new leaders who will fight for the America we want. Jim Carlin is a conservative, freedom fighter who knows how to get things done, and he has the legislative record to prove it. The Iowans have a choice on June 7. You can read more about Carlin’s political positions on his website, Carlinforussenate.com.

Why can’t the GOP act on gun legislation?

So here are politicians’ real responses to the mass shootings that continue to happen in the United States:

– Senator Ted Cruz: If schools had one door where everyone had to go in and out, it would prevent these things from happening. (Ted, you wanna pass this in front of the fire marshal, man?!)

-Texas Gov. Abbott: We need more sanity available. (Uh, Greg, didn’t you just cut millions of dollars from the Texas budget by providing exactly that kind of aid?!)

– Sen. K. Sinema: She doesn’t think DC can make changes to gun laws. (Uh, Krysten, it’s literally your job, why you got elected to Congress, so why don’t you start doing it?!)

I’ve also heard comments from Republicans blaming video games for the violence…which is ridiculous, because every other country in the world has video games and they don’t have our problem.

We must begin by banning all assault weapons in the United States. How do these fools not understand this? Who is lining their pockets so they do nothing but start attacking Democrats calling for common sense solutions after yet another mass shooting, who? !

These people have been elected, and they can be eliminated! And watch out for newcomers – have you heard statements from future Senator Hershel Walker since the shooting? He couldn’t seem more ignorant if he tried! But I guess that’s the GOP today!?

Thank you for the graduate section

I no longer teach in a school system and I have only known one graduating senior. However, I flipped through the entire section of last Friday’s QC-Times titled Tribute to Academics and Achievements, enjoying learning more about our future leaders. I appreciate that the Times includes so many schools in the area and prints it all in one day. Normally I only read The Times digitally, but I went out of my way to purchase this newspaper so I could share the print version with the school district where I was teaching and include one with the graduation card I sent by post.

These good news events were to be celebrated!

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