Letter: Engage the Gun Policy Experts | Letters to the Editor

I commend President Biden and Congress for wanting to act on gun laws. Biden’s common sense will prevail.

However, I ask one thing: whatever task forces are formed to create or change gun laws, they must include firearms experts and law enforcement. I don’t want my constitutional right taken away from me by any group, bipartisan or otherwise, that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

I bet many members of Congress have never even held a gun, let alone owned one. Many live in gated communities and/or have their own private armed security. (Think: Cori Bush, D-Missouri, who, despite calls to defund the police, was quoted as saying, “I’m going to make sure I have security because I know I’ve had assassination attempts, and I have too much work to do…”)

And, unlike me, I bet they’ve never looked down the barrel of one in a threatening civilian situation. In September 1980, a gun pointed at me. My brief experience working with the small arms department at the Rock Island Arsenal wasn’t much help as I didn’t own a gun that could come out of its holster and shoot the bad guy all only. (Remember, people don’t kill, guns kill.)

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Plus, it’s odd that many of those who wanted to cut defunding the police two years ago now want tougher gun laws.

Either way, I’m confident that Biden and Congress will do something to improve gun laws. If they don’t, their replacements will.

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