Lawyers Respond to Ingham County Firearms Prosecutor’s Policy Change


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Further backlash comes today after the Ingham County District Attorney announced a policy change stating that his office will not prosecute people for firearms crimes unless it does. is not an extreme circumstance in order to combat systemic racism.

This decision is heavily criticized by the best cops in the county.

But tonight, community organizations working to prevent gun violence say they understand both sides.

“You have law enforcement officials, then you have the prosecutor, so they have different sides, but until you are in my place or in my family’s place having a loved one murdered or to be African American, then you get where I’m coming from by saying I understand both sides of it, ”said Michael McKissick, Founder of the Mikey Foundation 23

“I understand the concept of what Installer Carol was doing. I really understand what she was doing, because of the racial profiling. So there is racial profiling – people are arrested and that leads to a felony charge after a minor offense. But I also understand those responsible for the law – that my son was murdered by gun violence, and I knew it was not a legal weapon, and therefore I understand both sides. McKissic said.

He says they all share a common cause: keeping people safe. He says he will continue to focus his attention on young people and hopes to work collectively with law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office.

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