Idahoans and gun safety after the Oxford shooting

Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – In light of yet another school shooting in the United States, the debate over how to protect our children from these tragic events has returned, once again.

Idaho Senator Melissa Wintrow, who has partnered with students from Boise to introduce legislation that would require a license for minors who purchase a firearm, said now is the time to bring in some changes.

“Students are concerned about their safety in their schools and, as lawmakers, we owe it to them to come to the table and listen to those concerns and really think about meaningful solutions,” Wintrow said.

Currently, the process of purchasing a firearm as a minor is as simple as having written permission from a parent.

But what about handling and safety training with the lethal weapon?

“If it’s someone who is new, we try to go through and explain to them the safety features, where to go for handgun training, things like that,” said Dan Hadley of Red’s Trading Post, a gun store in Twin Falls.

Senator Wintrow has a habit of introducing legislation that would strengthen Idaho’s gun laws in a way she calls “common sense.”

For example, she suggested not allowing guns into the hands of convicted pedophiles or domestic abusers. She hopes people can move past their partisan positions and cross the aisle to keep Idahoans safe.

“We have to think sensibly, we have to think securely and we have to think in a practical way, not in positions, positions and dogmas,” she said. “We have to come together and look at complex problems and find solutions for them. “

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