Holiday summary: Conservatives backtrack to avoid gun policy corner


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Hello and happy labor day.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole backtracked of a platform pledge to end the Liberals’ ban on assault-style weapons, and clarified its position over the weekend after it became fairly clear the Liberals had found their corner of choice. During a campaign shutdown Sunday, O’Toole said, “We will maintain the ban on assault weapons,” while conducting a public review of Canada’s firearms classification system. It’s a flip-flop that John Ivison says could very well save the Conservative leader’s campaign.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau spent Sunday squirming. He said he was sorry for the way his party handled accusations by party staff members that Raj Saini made inappropriate comments and unwanted sexual advances towards them. “I’m pretty frustrated with all of this myself,” Trudeau said. Saini withdrew his candidacy after the Liberals received “new information”, although the party is not saying what it is.

Write big: In today’s ballot, the Liberals had a weekend bump that brought them down to two points nationally, while the Conservatives’ momentum appears to have halted for now.

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“Apologies without reservation”: A Conservative candidate in Nova Scotia apologizes for his previous racist posts on social media, reports CTV. Nonetheless, Steven Cotter will run under the party banner.

“If there was one riding to swing in Calgary, it would be Calgary Skyview”: The Hill Times wonders if George Chahal will win a rare Alberta seat for the Liberals.

Progressive sharing of votes: Ipsos suggests progressives divide their vote federally and lead the way for conservatives.

Withering Electoral Reform? CBC asks the question – again – after being listened to by readers.


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Takeover in Guinea: In an apparent coup, Guinean President Alpha Condé was reportedly arrested and the country’s constitution dissolved, reports CNN, but Condé’s fate is not clear. The Defense Ministry initially claimed the takeover attempt was foiled after hours of gunfire in the capital.

Thai COVID protests escalate: Protesters in Thailand want prime minister ousted after surviving vote of no confidence in parliament. Thais are angry with the government for failing to get COVID and its variants under control.

The diplomat dies: German Ambassador to China Jan Hecker died just days after taking office. The cause and circumstances of his death are unknown, fueling international intrigue.

Following Americans overdose on horse dewormer: After ivermectin was falsely touted as a treatment for COVID-19, the number of Americans overdosing on a drug intended to kill animal parasites jumped 245%. Meanwhile, Rolling Stone ran an article that won the title “Most American Title Around”: A doctor said ivermectin overdoses were delaying treatment of gunshot victims in a hospital. The veracity of the story has since been questioned, however.

Somewhere else: Taro Kono seems to be the favorite in the race to replace the Japanese Yoshihide Suga. New Zealand is easing its lockdown, thanks to fewer COVID infections. Planes attempting to evacuate hundreds of people from Afghanistan have been grounded for days. And vaccine passports arrive in England this month.






It is never a good idea to leave your ribbon cuts to the kids, as this adorable video from Turkey proves.

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