Gun safety instructor under fire for using controversial slides during presentation

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District is reviewing its room rental policy after a controversial class was held at one of its facilities over the weekend.

Nephi Khaliki, a gun safety instructor, has come under fire for telling jokes based on offensive racial stereotypes while teaching private class in a public space.

The video shows Khaliki, the owner of Vegas Conceal Carry Weapons, on stage teaching the firearms training course which included slides reading “Firearm Safety for White People” and “Firearm Safety for Black People.”

He could also be heard saying, “Always make sure there are no minorities in your background. Always lick the chicken fat off your fingers before shooting.

Khaliki responded to what some are saying about the presentation they saw over the weekend.

“You saw a segment. There are other segments in there that go after all the other groups as well and they immediately attacked me. It was a fun event,” Khaliki said.

Khaliki, who is Arab and also considers himself a comedian, says there was nothing racist about the event.

“It has nothing to do with gun safety. Except taking a very mundane topic that is easily forgotten and shocks their system and makes them remember the safety rule. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. That’s the joke,” he said.

Several Republican political candidates attended, including North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee and sheriff’s candidate Tom Roberts, who said he condemned the graphics used during the course.

Marcus, who attended the class and did not want to share his last name, said Khaliki did not just highlight or focus on any particular ethnic group or minority during the class.

Library district officials said they have not decided whether Khaliki will be allowed to return in the future, but will take a closer look at who uses the facilities.

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