Gun safety bill challenged by area business owner


WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WAOW) – Heads of state announced new gun safety bills on Thursday, and Attorney General Josh Kaul is calling for a universal background check that would close some loopholes.

“Anyone who wants to evade a background check, including someone who has been convicted of violent crimes, can do so by buying a gun online or by buying a gun at a show. guns, ”Kaul said.

He adds that taking a stand on safety will help communities in the long run.

“This is a concrete step we can take to make our community safer, to work to prevent violence in our communities,” Kaul said.

But River Valley Specialized Machining owner at Stevens Point, Scott Soik, calls for a different perspective to take center stage.

“Education is always good for everyone,” Soik said.

With Kaul alleging that people are buying guns from other mediums to bypass traditional background checks, Soik says he doesn’t get it.

“No one can go online and buy a gun from a federal gun dealer and have it shipped to their home,” he says.

He says there are already restrictions on what can and cannot be sold online without a background check.

“It sounds like a lot of misinformation and not the right education the public needs when we start talking about these issues,” Soik said.

One solution he proposes is to launch education programs in schools, starting in college, while taking the time to listen.

“Let’s have a real, real and honest conversation with merit instead of one side shouting at the other and trying to trample on our rights,” Soik said.

Leaders say this legislation does not claim to end gun violence, but at least will save lives.

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