Franken knows more about responsible gun politics than Grassley will ever know

In a recent discussion with a local police officer about gun safety, I mentioned that I had read that guns were responsible for 50% of suicides nationally, but 80% in Iowa. The officer grimaced as he said he saw the face of a suicidal victim and the blood on the wall. At home, he stores his guns in a locked rack and stores ammunition in another place.

The officer also said he was not overly concerned when called to a scene of domestic violence where a gun was involved. I struggled to understand this statement, but I accepted it as an honest difference of opinion between us. At least we agreed on the need for safe storage of weapons and ammunition. We had found common ground. Normally, that’s what people do in a democracy. They find common ground and develop thoughtful policies accordingly.

Charles Grassley refuses to support sensible gun reform, such as expanding background checks and banning assault weapons. The NRA annually awards him an A+ for his legislative record “advocating for the Second Amendment.” They also gave him over a quarter of a million dollars to help him stay in power. Senator Grassley is not interested in compromise, or common ground, or the more than 300 gun-related deaths in Iowa each year. As a three-star Admiral, Michael Franken understands more about firearms than Charles Grassley ever will or will. And unlike Senator Grassley, the Admiral takes a common-sense approach to problem-solving.

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