FCSO sergeant shares domestic gun safety tips


FORREST COUNTY, Mississippi (WDAM) – More than 4 million children live with unlocked and loaded guns in the United States, according to Healthychildren.org. Learning to handle guns safely should be a major concern.

Forrest County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Kenny Woodard explains safety tips every gun owner should know.

“There are four general safety rules. Always treat each weapon as if it were loaded. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on a target and ready to shoot. The third would be knowing your past and knowing what’s beyond, so if you shoot you won’t hurt anything beyond. We are still storing these weapons unloaded, breach open with security activated. It keeps people out of putting ammunition in it, ”said Woodard.

The best place to store a gun is in a safe, but if you don’t have access to it, Woodward explains that there are other options.

“If you can’t store them in a safe and you’re worried about children, especially if you have small children, store them high up in a closet. Store them high up in a location out of sight where they can’t reach them, ”said Woodward.

Separating ammunition from the weapon can also ensure the safety of those around it.

“Store their guns unloaded, keeping them in a safe and secure place, so if someone who has no use for a gun finds it this way, it is much less likely to either used to cause damage to someone or some property, ”said Woodard.

Glenn Husted, an employee of Will’s Guns and Ammo in Hattiesburg, explains that people need to know how each gun works because not all guns are the same.

“Gun safety should be approached with a layered look at what you are dealing with. You need to think about everything from educational steps to educating the people who live in the house: children, women (and) the elderly; people who have access to these guns, ”Husted said.

Woodard says if anyone has questions about gun safety, they can call the FCSO office.

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