Everytown for Gun Safety pledges to spend over $ 1.8 million to support VA Democrats in 2021 election





This weekend, moms demand that Action founder Shannon Watts campaign across Virginia with McAuliffe, Ayala and Herring

Majority of Gun Sense was elected in 2019 with strong support from all cities and led to the passage of several landmark gun safety laws

RICHMOND, Virginia. – Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund announced today that it will spend more than $ 1.8 million in the 2021 Virginia election to elect Terry McAuliffe as governor, elect Hala Ayala as lieutenant governor, re-elect Attorney General Mark Herring and re-elect a gun sense majority in the Virginia House of Delegates. Everytown, Virginia’s 2021 schedule will include television, digital and direct mail, designed to reach voters where they are. Everytown is also mobilizing its base army of nearly 300,000 Virginia Moms Demand Action supporters and Demand Action students to communicate directly with voters on gun safety issues in this election.

“Everytown played a key role in electing a sense of gun majority in Richmond, and we will be at the forefront of defending that majority in 2021,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety . “Voters in Virginia gave lawmakers a mandate to take bold action on gun safety, and now Glenn Youngkin and the Republicans want to roll it all back – which is why we are working to elect lawmakers from across the country. meaning of guns in November. As Virginia votes, the nation often follows, so our investments in the Commonwealth will set the stage for the election of gunsense champions across the country midway through 2022. ”

“Since the 2019 election, Virginia’s Firearms Triumph has continually prioritized public safety over gunmaker profits – and our local volunteers are motivated to elect even more Armed Forces candidates. fire, including our own volunteers, to build on our legislative successes, ”said Shannon Watts, Founder of Moms Demand Action. “We have defeated the gun lobby so many times in Virginia that the NRA is now talking about dismantling its headquarters and fleeing the state altogether. Our dominance in Virginia shows gun safety is a winning issue in the Red, Blue, and Purple states. “

“Gun safety is on the ballot again in Virginia and there couldn’t be a clearer choice for voters,” said Charlie Kelly, senior policy advisor for Everytown for Gun Safety . “From now until the election, we will mobilize our base army and communicate directly with voters on the stakes of these elections.”

This weekend, Moms Demand Action Founder Shannon Watts will campaign across Virginia with Terry McAuliffe, Hala Ayala, Mark Herring and armed candidates for House of Delegates, including volunteers from Moms Demand Action standing for election. The events will take place in Virginia Beach, outside of Richmond and in Northern Virginia and will each be followed by canvassing by local Moms Demand Action volunteers.

Everytown also today unveiled its priority list of House of Delegates districts for this election and endorsed Debra Gardner (HD-27), Josh Cole (HD-28), Dan Helmer (HD-40), Michelle Maldonado ( HD-50), Briana Sewell (HD-51), Lashrecse Aird (HD-63), Katie Sponsler (HD-66), Schuyler VanValkenburg (HD-72), Rodney Willett (HD-73), Jeffrey Feld (HD- 81), Nancy Guy (HD-83) and Alex Askew (HD-85).

Everytown for Gun Safety has invested millions in Virginia in recent years – surpassing the NRA by 4: 1 in 2019, when the House of Delegates and the State Senate both passed firearms majority voting for the first time. times in almost 25 years. The General Assembly then passed a series of gun safety reforms, including legislation to keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers and landmark legislation expanding background checks.


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