Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund Launches $ 500,000 Effort to Protect and Spread Majority of Guns in the VA House of Delegates; Unveils new gun safety issue in voter poll




New poll in Virginia shows gun violence prevention is a top concern for voters in Virginia, and opposition to Republican positions on gun safety is one of the most powerful motivations

Expenses will include direct mail, YouTube Pre-roll ads, Facebook, Instagram, Plus Banner and Google search ads in 8 districts of Virginia

NEW YORK – Today, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund announced that it is launching a $ 500,000 campaign to protect and expand the majority of gun senses in the Virginia House of Delegates, including digital advertisements and postal services in eight key districts of the House of Delegates. The ad campaign is part of Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund’s $ 1.8 million spending effort in Virginia’s 2021 election to protect Virginia’s gun sense trifecta.

As detailed below, Everytown is also today unveiling a new poll showing gun violence prevention is a major concern for voters, especially in the swing areas of Northern Virginia, the suburbs of Richmond and Hampton Roads. .

“The people of Virginia sent a majority of meaningless guns to the state house because they wanted long-awaited laws to protect their families from gun violence – and that’s exactly what they got obtained, ”said John Feinblatt, President of Everytown for Gun Safety. “Everytown is doing everything possible this year to make sure voters know which lawmakers are going to build on this progress and which want to roll everything back, putting the lives of Virginians at risk.”

Ads will target: Roxann Robinson in HD-27; Steve Pleickhardt in HD-50; Tim Cox in HD-51; Kim Taylor in HD-63; Christopher Holmes in HD-72; Mary Margaret Kastelberg in HD-73; Tim Anderson in HD-83; and Karen Greenhalgh in HD-85. Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund supported the Democratic candidates in each of these races.

Hundreds of thousands of direct mail will be sent to voters to ensure they participate in this election. As part of the digital offensive, 30 and 15 second video ads as well as static ads will run on pre-roll Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and as banner ads. Ads will focus on persuasion and mobilization targets in districts, including women and low propensity voters.

Everytown also unveils the results of a Virginia Battlefield Survey conducted by Schoen Consulting, which shows gun violence prevention is a top concern for voters, especially in dynamic areas of Northern Virginia, the suburbs of Richmond and Hampton Roads. Specifically:

  • Analyzing a series of statements made against Glenn Youngkin and the Republican candidates for the House of Delegates on a wide range of topics, a message centered on the prevention of gun violence was among the most tested statements for voters, stronger than statements on Republican responses to COVID, the economy and the environment.
  • There is broad support for a variety of specific and individual gun safety policies in Virginia, including 93% support for requiring background checks on all gun sales.
  • Following historic gun safety laws passed in Virginia in 2020 and 2021, the vast majority (78%) of Virginia voters want the state’s gun laws as they are are currently or strengthened.
  • Informing voters of Republican positions on gun safety increased support for Terry McAuliffe for the candidate they trusted to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and domestic abusers (+14 net support gain), reduce gun violence (+13) and strengthen gun laws (+11).
  • A large majority of likely voters in Hampton Roads (87%), Northern Virginia (82%) and suburb of Richmond (79%) think a candidate’s stance on guns is important to their decision to vote.


See one of the letters, “DO ANYTHING”, here

Below is an example of static ads:
Digital ads will click https://gunsensevoter.org/va21statehouse /, which highlights how Virginia Republican politicians running in those districts have opposed common sense gun safety and allows voters to track down Moms Demand Action Gun Sense candidates running for office. in their district and who have demonstrated that they will govern with gun safety in mind. Candidates received a Gun Sense Candidate Award after completing a questionnaire demonstrating their commitment to gun safety.

After the mass shooting in Virginia Beach in 2019, polls showed gun safety to be the number one issue for voters in Virginia. Everytown made major investments in Virginia in the 2019 election, buying TV, digital and postal advertising and activating their local area network to ensure voters know who was on the gun safety side and who was on the gun lobby side. And Virginians voted for gun safety, creating gun sense majorities in Virginia for the first time in nearly 25 years. The legislature then passed a series of gun safety reforms, including landmark legislation requiring background checks of all gun sales. Today’s announcement follows joint announcements released with the McAuliffe campaign and the Ayala campaign in recent weeks.


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