California proposes gun safety bill requiring parents to disclose gun ownership – JURIST

A California Gun Safety Bill introduced Wednesday would require parents to disclose whether firearms are kept in their homes and require searches of a student’s personal property on campus if there is a credible threat. The bill aims to prioritize student safety and help prevent school shootings.

Senator Anthony Portantino decided to introduce the bill after the Nov. 30 shooting at Oxford High School, where a 15-year-old suspect killed four students. The suspect, Ethan Crumbley, allegedly used a handgun his parents bought him earlier this month. “We’ve seen what inaction does in Michigan,” Portantino said. “Inaction leads to tragedy. By empowering School districts with information and a mandate to investigate, we take this inaction off the table.

The proposed bill would require the California Department of Education to consult with the Department of Justice to create “template content” that schools could use in the event of a threat or perceived threat of a fatal incident.

If a school is aware of a threat from a mass shooting, the school must report the threat to law enforcement and initiate a threat investigation and assessment, which includes reviewing the family’s firearm disclosure form. The school, in consultation with law enforcement, should search the student’s personal belongings, including the car, locker and backpack, for firearms.

In addition, parents of students would be required to disclose if firearms are kept in their home and provide details of the ownership, storage and accessibility of the firearm. Schools should provide parents with educational materials on the safe storage of fire arms in an annual notification.

“While in approximately 68% of school shootings, the firearm was taken from the student’s home, friend or relative, California must move the needle and take prudent public safety action. to solve this problem,” Portantino said. said in a press release Wednesday. “We must move from threat assessment to protective action without hesitation.”

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