California Governor signs bills to strengthen gun safety laws and support victims of domestic violence – JURIST – News



California Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday signed several pieces of legislation that strengthen California’s gun laws and provide additional protections for those facing domestic violence.

AB 1057 allows law enforcement to seize phantom weapons when the owner has a gun violence or domestic violence restraining order. Ghost pistols are guns that have been assembled from parts and therefore cannot be registered. Current law allows officers to seize registered firearms of individuals identified as threats under gun violence orders. Says sponsor MP Cottie Petrie-Norris.

SB 320 requires the use of uniform procedures to ensure the surrender of firearms by those who have a non-domestic violence order prohibiting them from owning firearms. Also with regard to the use of firearms, under AB 1191, the Department of Justice is required to analyze criminal data on firearms to track the use of firearms in the area. crime and identify trends in gun violence.

Strengthening support for domestic violence survivors, SB 538 requires courts to allow those seeking domestic violence and gun violence restraining orders to file electronically and attend hearings remotely. Likewise, SB 887 allows survivors of domestic violence to file restraining orders online.

“California has the strongest gun safety laws in the country, but we are reminded every day that we cannot afford to be complacent in tackling the epidemic of gun violence in this country – we can and must do more, ”Governor Newsom said.


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