10 run and gun games to play if you loved Cuphead


Released in 2017, Cuphead is the perfect blend of retro racing and gun action and new ideas. The game is both a homage to the classic genre and to old 30’s cartoons. The gameplay is so smooth and addicting that you are probably looking for something more to play after you finally beat all the bosses.

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Play one of the ten games below for similar sensations. Most of them are side-scrolling, but a few take the hectic action in 3D space or a top-down perspective. You’ll have plenty of time to play most of them before the release of the long-awaited DLC, The Delicious Last Course.

Horse riders at sunset

riders horses at sunset

When it comes to westerns, most only pay attention to Red Dead Redemption 2. However, you shouldn’t ignore the side-scrolling racing and gun chaos of Sunset Riders. Initially an arcade game, it was also released on consoles and recently released on PS4 and Switch.

Don’t expect a slow-paced, meditative experience the western genre is known for; Sunset Riders is bombastic, hectic and random. This is also where the phrase “bury me with my money” became famous in the game.

Bionic Commando rearmed

bionic commando rearmed

What is a racing and gun game without jumping? Many can say sacrilege, but others can say it is Bionic Commando Rearmed, a remake of the classic NES. Players use Nathan Rad Spencer’s arm to zip and zoom from platform to platform. The colorful art style is attractive.

While you’re at it, don’t ignore the 2009 reboot. It’s not a run and gun, but it’s a direct sequel to Rearmed, taking place many years after but following the same characters.

Mega man

Mega Man 5's Wave Man Fight

Many might not directly identify Mega Man as a racing and gun game, but all the elements of the genre are present. Equally important, it is also extremely difficult. The difficulty is slightly slowed down by the multiple levels available from the start.

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If one area is too difficult, just try another level. Maybe a weapon you receive in one step will make the others easier to manage. With 11 main entries and plenty of spinoffs, there’s a lot of content to dig in here.

Gunstar hero

Gunstar Heroes Gameplay

In 1993, Gunstar Heroes was a great Sega Genesis exclusive and the console’s answer to Contra. Fortunately, the game was ported to 3DS in 2015, making it more accessible. Gunstar Heroes was the first game from developer Treasure, which would go on to make other famous shooters like Ikarua and Sin and Punishment.

The game has a cuter and brighter aesthetic than most other racing and gun games of the time.

Hunt down

stalking xbox one

Huntdown’s racing and gun action takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk future with a retro ’80s vibe. While that sort of aesthetic has arguably been played out, the gameplay more than makes up for it. The level design and the artistic direction are fantastic.

Even though the look is relatively generic, the game has a lot of personality to make it feel original. Don’t be put off by the retro look if you are not into the retro style; Huntdown offers a lot to enjoy besides the nostalgia.

Enter the Gungeon

Buy weapons from the Breach store in the Enter The Gungeon overworld

The only roguelike on the list, a run in Enter the Gungeon already starts intensely and only increases from there. As the name suggests, the game is absolutely obsessed with guns and firepower. Even a lot of enemies are bullets and shells containing guns.

The game is played from a top down perspective, so the balls are hitting you from almost any angle at all times.

Super Turricane

Super Turkish gameplay

Before Factor 5 wowed gamers with some of the best Star Wars games on N64 and GameCube, they created Super Turrican, a cult Run and Gun classic for the SNES.

A version of the director’s game has been released on the Super Nt, which features new levels and additional enemies that were not included in the original version. The graphics are also quite impressive for the SNES. Unfortunately, the game is not available on other modern platforms at this time.

Total carnage

Total carnage run and gun game copy

This top-down shooter is also a spiritual sequel to Smash TV, another classic Midway title. Unlike Smash TV, the levels are larger and aren’t just set up in separate rooms; it also has smoother transitions.

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The aesthetic is about as macho as it gets, with the two playable characters making their way through the shirtless scenes. You rarely get a chance to breathe as waves of enemies keep pouring in. Fortunately, at home you don’t have to worry about running out of parts like in an arcade room.

Super Star Wars

Shoot Hearts as Luke Skywalker next to a xenomorph in Super Star Wars

Run and Gun games are generally known for their difficulty. Even with that considered, Super Star Wars is just plain ridiculously cruel. Additionally, there are some enemies and level designs that hardly make sense for the Star Wars universe.

Even so, it is considered a classic and has had enough success to receive two sequels following the events of the rest of the trilogy. It was truly one of the best Star Wars games for many years.

Extraterrestrial hominid

Alien Hominid Boss Battle

Much like Cuphead, Alien Hominid features an artistic style that doesn’t reflect his challenge. It’s ultimately a lot bloodier and more violent, however. You play as an alien who crash-landed on earth and is being pursued by government agents.

The original version also features a fun platform minigame where you can create your own levels. It offers more content than the average racing and gun game, with plenty of unlocks up for grabs throughout the campaign. A remake is currently in development from the same studio, which also directed Castle Crashers.

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