10 best small arms games that make us wish the genre was back


Arcades are unfortunately on the verge of complete obliteration due to the constant evolution of video game hardware since their heyday. One of the shining stars of this scene was the light gun game, which allowed players to use a device to aim at the screen.

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Some of these games have settled in homes with peripherals. The genre has since left center stage, although some may argue that traces of it are present in many VR titles. The following classics listed below make us all yearn for the fun arcade days. Maybe they will come back in the future.

Time crisis

time crisis video game

Perhaps the most popular light gun series, Time crisis added extra momentum to let players hide behind cover. It added an extra layer of intensity and engagement. The series had several spinoffs and many sequels, until Crisis of time 5 in 2015. Crisis of time 4 on the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Move controller was even supported, eliminating the need to buy another device.

Silent reach

Silent reach 2

In the arcade, Silent reach used a unique sniper rifle device. Players examined the scope to simulate the search through an actual in-game scope. Translating this unique mechanic into a home console was certainly a challenge, and some argue that the home versions never quite captured the game. same feeling. Still, old Silent Scope games are classics. Since Konami released these titles, we’re unlikely to see a sequel, unless it’s in the form of a pachinko machine.

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

jill and carlos

Umbrella Chronicles was not the series’ first foray into the game of small arms. Resident Evil: Survivor is a game that most would like to forget, however. Umbrella Chronicles takes players through the classic resident Evil games from a new perspective. It is also playable in co-op. The Wii version uses the Wiimote, while the PS3 version supports the Move controller in addition to the Sixaxis and DualShock 3.

Ghost Squad

Ghost Squad Video Game Gameplay

Ghost Squad also featured a very unique controller in its arcade form. Players clicked on various switches on the device, which was shaped like an assault rifle.

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Some arcade versions even had purchasable cards to save character data and unlock new character upgrades and skins. Although there are only three levels, they have several non-linear moments, encouraging replayability. In 2012, the game arrived on the Nintendo Wii.

Dinosaur tracker

Dino Stalker Video Game

Add dinosaurs to any mixture and the product immediately gets fresher. The story follows a WWII pilot who is transported to a dangerous land filled with dinosaurs. After a little while, the game turns out to be a backdoor sequel to Dino Crisis 2, directly following the events of the PS1 game. This is great news for those who have been disappointed with Dino Crisis 3, which barely looks like a Dinosaur crisis Game.

Police 911

Police 911 video game

This arcade game was unique for its motion detection mechanics. Instead of going to shelter with the use of a foot pedal, Police 911 actually followed the movements of players, causing them to bend down and move their bodies in real life to take cover in the game. With VR, games like Very hot took this mechanic even further, with players straying from the path of moving balls. As mentioned earlier, traces of the genre are evident in VR.

Zone 51

area 51 light gun set

As the name suggests, Zone 51 the players defended themselves against an alien threat. Released in 1995 in arcades, the environments are in 3D while the enemies and other NPCs are sprites digitized in 2D.

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The arcade version was well received, but console conversions weren’t as popular. After a direct sequel, two first-person shooter games bearing the name of the series were made for the PS2 and Xbox and then for the next generation. However, most fans just want another small arms game.

dead space extraction gameplay

A little like Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, the Dead space The series also took advantage of the Wii to create a unique spin-off. While Extraction works well as a small arms game, it doesn’t capture the intense horror of the main series. Still, it’s a fun way to browse the Dead space the universe in cooperation with a friend. Considering the Dead space the series has been dormant for over half a decade, fans would even settle for a Dead space: extraction reissue.

Cop Virtua

Virtua cop light gun gameplay

Mario might have beaten Sonic, but Nintendo couldn’t compete with Sega when it comes to small arms games. The Cop Virtua The series was easily one of the best things to do in an arcade in the 90s. Console ports were also seen as faithful versions, although the short duration was a critical point. Virtua cop 3 unfortunately never seen a release on home consoles, which makes it hard to find these days in any form.

House of death

House of the Dead 2 Arcade zombies crawling towards the player

Zombies may seem cliché now, but they were extremely exciting for gamers in the 90s thanks to hits like resident Evil. house of death saw players in the arcade mowing down hordes of undead. The zombies here are fast which sets them apart from the resident Evil enemies. The most recent entry came out in 2018, representing five main games and several spin-offs, including the grindhouse-inspired game. House of the Dead: Overkill.

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