E-credit card: € 10,000 at your disposal!


Money on hand for what you need, without needing to ask for micro loans or bank loans every time you have an unforeseen event. With Banklar-e credit cards, you can have up to € 10,000 at your disposal.

 Did you know that credit cards allow you to have an economic fund and you don’t have to pay any kind of fee or interest if you don’t use them? Do you know that if you pay overdue the cost of your money is 0%, you only pay for what you spend? It seems that credit cards have long been considered a symbol of bankruptcy, but there are really many people like you who use credit cards to have greater control of spending and be able to finance certain extra expenses such as: travel, reforms from home, Christmas shopping or school books etc.

Having a credit card is synonymous with flexibility, paying at your own pace and without stress. Another psychological factor is knowing that you have an economic cushion in case of urgency or need. If you are considering asking for a credit card with the backing of a large bank (Banklar since 1926) and without changing banks, read all the information we have prepared for you. Do we start

Visa Gold credit card from Banklar online

Visa Gold credit card from Bank Popular online

Banklar began its online journey a few years ago and created its same financial products but with the ease of being able to hire them online. Your Visa Gold credit cards are one of your star products, and there are many people who have already made holders of these credit cards.

Customer reviews: the most valued points

The points most valued by users as advantages of these cards are:

  • You should not change banks to request your credit cards: This provides convenience, since you will not have to open a new bank account and you will have everything domiciled in the same bank.
  • Agility in card request procedures: The request to request your credit card online is conveniently made from the internet. You do not have to go to the bank in person, just fill out a form and you will get a quick response.
  • Credit higher than other cards : The Banklar-e card grants a higher credit than other cards of this type. The maximum is € 10,000, although this will depend on the personal situation of each person, since it may be granted but for a smaller amount.
  • 0 added costs: You will not pay anything for the annual maintenance, and not only the first year but all the years that you are the cardholder. This card has 0 associated costs, neither will you pay for requesting a second card.
  • Special discounts on products and establishments: this card has associated advantages in establishments attached to Popular. You can benefit from exclusive offers and save up to 30% on travel, restaurants, technology etc. Once you are a customer you will have detailed information on all these advantages.
  • Free insurance: by owning these credit cards, you can benefit from 24-hour travel assistance insurance and you will have coverage on all your purchases. You also have the guarantee of secure purchase, and at all times you will be informed of the cost of your card via SMS.

How to request my card

How to request my card

Simplicity is the premise of Banklar-e, so it makes it very easy when ordering your credit card online. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out the card request form with your personal data.
  2. They will call you to confirm the information provided and ask for more information about your financial situation.
  3. Once your request has been preapproved , you must send them the necessary documentation (ID, bank account, etc.). In this step you will be notified of the maximum money that has been granted as credit for your card.
  4. The next step will be to receive your credit card at your address and activate it.

With these four steps, you will already have become a Banklar-e customer and you can start enjoying your money for whatever you need.

What interests do I have to pay?

What interests do I have to pay?

Interest payable will depend on the payment method you choose to return the credit spent. These are the three payment methods you can choose:

  • Return the borrowed money to expired month: With these credit cards, you can also return the money the following month. With what you will avoid paying interest. If you spend € 500 and return them after 30 days, the interest is 0%. Whenever you return all the money spent.
  • Flexible payment in monthly installments: This option is one of the most comfortable, especially to finance a large purchase such as a trip, a latest model plasma television or any other whim or similar. Interest payable is calculated at the equivalent annual rates, which are still a percentage where the interest equivalents of the money are reflected. There is no better way to understand all this of interests than with a close example.
  • For example, you pay a family holiday for € 5000 with your popular e-card. You decide to finance your spending in 12 months, to make it easier for you to pay. Applying the APR of 27.24%, each month you would have to pay an approximate € 480.00. At the end of the year you will have paid € 5760, interest being € 760. What do you understand better now?
  • Monthly percentage: You can pay a monthly percentage of the money spent, but always the minimum will always be € 18.00 or 1% of the balance provided on your cards plus interest. The interests in both this modality and the previous one are the equivalent to the APR: 27.24% and the TIN: 24%.

We remind you that there are also certain commissions that you will have to pay, for example if you use your credit card to get money at ATMs.

Popular ATMs or the same network: 3.5% commission, always paying at least € 3 for your money.

Withdraw money from ATMs in another network or ATMs in the euro zone: 4% commission on the money you get, although the minimum will always be € 4.

Therefore, as a recommendation, it is better that you do not use your credit cards to have cash, since it has an associated expense that you can save and that you can always invest in other things. In the end if you start to account, there are many coffees and breakfasts that you could take with those commissions.

What requirements must I meet to get my card

What requirements must I meet to get my card

The basic requirements are to have Spanish nationality and national identity document, and to have a bank account in any Spanish bank. Banklar-e will consult the lists that are necessary to prove your solvency and, depending on your personal circumstances, will decide how much credit you can grant on your credit card.

Other credit cards

Other credit cards

There are also other credit cards that may interest you before making your decision. From Credither we recommend that you always compare, that you inform yourself of the advantages and possible inconveniences, that you take note of the opinions of customers and then decide the card that best fits you. You can check the following credit card

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