Credit card Without BKR Review Money Salon.


A credit card is a handy way to manage your purchases. It provides ease of payment while shopping and flexibility with your expenses. You can also use it for online shopping or for example, paying for gas. It is also safer because you have less cash with you. When the misfortune of losing your wallet, the damage is not too bad.

You can choose from a variety of cards. Credit cards without BKR verification are also issued by well-known brands such as Visa and Mastercard. These credit cards are the most accessible for people with a normal income.

Credit card Without BKR assessment?

Credit card Without BKR assessment?

Are you looking for a new credit card, but do you want to apply for one without a BKR test? That is possible for a prepaid credit card, but not for a credit card with a spending limit. The issuer of the credit card with an spending limit will take a test to ensure that you do not have a negative rating. You can only get a new credit card if you have a stable income so that you can pay the expenses. Having a credit card means borrowing money, so the company issuing the credit card wants the same collateral as the provider of a revolving credit.

Prepaid Credit Card Requests

Prepaid Credit Card Requests

Request a prepaid credit card.

If you have a negative BKR code, but still want the benefits of a credit card, you can request a prepaid credit card. Everyone can get such a card without a BKR check. “Prepaid” means that you pay the expenses in advance, instead of afterwards. The requirements for such a card are lower because you do not use credit. With a prepaid credit card you can shop online or pay for your restaurant, as long as you keep the amount on the card up to date. This way you can control your expenses: you cannot spend more than you had planned in advance.

You have a wide selection of prepaid credit cards. Compare the offers so that you take a card that best fits your spending pattern. The costs for the annual contribution or for depositing and withdrawing may be higher or lower. Do you plan to use the card regularly? Then it is better to take a card with low costs for depositing and withdrawing, but with a higher annual contribution. Conversely, if you use the prepaid credit card to buy something at a web store a few times a year, then it is better to choose an offer with a lower annual contribution.

A prepaid credit card makes it possible to pay online for purchases made in a webshop or on a booking site. You can also pay on the road, without having to carry cash with you. The prepaid credit card is a kind of protection against loss or theft of your money. You are not red and you do not take out credit. That is why you can request a prepaid credit card without a BKR test.

Just like with a regular credit card, you can use a prepaid credit card wherever the brand of the credit card company is indicated. The best known are Visa and Mastercard. The card is also suitable for withdrawing money, both domestically and abroad. Check out the costs for paying and withdrawing abroad in advance. It could be that they are higher than you expect.

If you are going abroad, it is wise to tell the credit card company that you will use the card there. Their fraud prevention systems are designed in such a way that a transaction is suspicious if it is done abroad. This may mean that the card, or the card’s number, has been stolen and that the thief is now spending from abroad. But in this case it is you who use the card abroad. If the credit card company knows that you are in that country, then they know they should not block the card.

Pay attention 

Pay attention to Betalen Onderweg

Those who rent a car usually have to pay a deposit. This amount will be refunded later. Hotels can also ask for a deposit. They often do not accept a prepaid credit card for the deposit amount. They see a prepaid credit card as an additional risk. Before you book a rental car or hotel room, you can call and ask if it is good that you are going to pay with a prepaid credit card. Then you hear a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and then you are not unexpectedly without a rental car or hotel room later on.

This limitation of a prepaid credit card also applies to paying for a toll road or paying on the plane. You can pay with cash for this.

Which Prepaid Credit Card suits Me?

Which Prepaid Credit Card suits Me?

The prepaid credit card is used more and more these days. In the Netherlands people are used to the regular credit card, with which you have credit and pay afterwards. But now more users are also seeing the benefits of the prepaid credit card. But which prepaid credit card can I use best and which is the most affordable? Look carefully at the properties and conditions of a prepaid credit card: the best choice depends on what you intend to pay with this card.

You can use a card for:

  • order online in a web store
  • booking flights and hotels
  • the automatic payment of a subscription
  • pay in stores and restaurants
  • renting a car
  • pins in the interior
  • pins abroad

The costs for these transactions vary. As mentioned above, paying a hotel or rental car can be difficult if the card has no credit option. Paying with a prepaid credit card costs money, especially abroad. There are also chain stores that do not yet accept these types of cards. Compare the options with your spending pattern to find a suitable offer.

Prepaid credit card with bank account

Prepaid credit card with bank account

Some prepaid credit cards give you a separate bank account. A prepaid card with a bank account has the advantage that you can also accept payments. For example, you can have a salary deposited on it or accept payment for services provided. Such a card with a bank account is advantageous for the self-employed. They do not have to pay for the extra costs of a business bank account.

Just like with a regular prepaid credit card, you can pay anywhere you see the logo of the credit card company. So you can use the card all over the world. You can also withdraw cash and withdraw cash from the account. This does cost money, so make sure you agree with these costs before you apply for the prepaid credit card with bank account. A prepaid credit card can be used to avoid payroll tax. The credit card company has set limits that are being phased out. That is to prevent money laundering. But for international service providers, a prepaid credit card offers an opportunity to pay or be paid without paying taxes.

Two years ago I spoke to an internet entrepreneur who employed a number of virtual assistants. He had each sent them their own prepaid credit card. At the end of the month he deposited their salary on those cards. They could then spend it with the card, or by debit card, without the tax authorities in their country knowing that they were working for his company. In this way, the virtual assistants avoided the load, which you can see as an additional advantage of their work.

This entrepreneur sold products, so I think he paid taxes on the income side. But if he himself also provided services to a limited number of customers, he could set up a comparable truck with them.

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